Career Climbers

Career Climbers / 29th July 2020

The ISEG MBA: Preparing the Leaders of the Future

Q. The ISEG MBA has enjoyed great success over the years, as have your students; therefore, what prompted the redesign? The world faces constant change; the same is true for the business world,...

CEO Magazine
Career Climbers / 21st July 2020

The Summer Edition of CEO Magazine is now Live

The summer edition of CEO Magazine is now live. In this issue, we look at the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on both business and executive education, the rise of the...


Entrepreneurs / 20th July 2020

WPO Digital Conference Focuses on Post-Pandemic Path Forward for Women Entrepreneurs

Businesses around the world have been upended by a raging worldwide pandemic and working from home has become the new normal. Some businesses have folded, others have furloughed or laid...

Entrepreneurs / 17th July 2020

Startup Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network Launch 2020 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER)

The 2020 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) from Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) launched at the Ecosystems Couch Conference and introduced by JF Gauthier of Startup Genome, Martina Larkin of the World...

MBA Blog

MBA Blog / 28th July 2020

A Changing of the Guard: The Online MBA Comes of Age

Alexandra Skinner talks to Macquarie University’s Lan Snell Q. Until fairly recently, online MBA degrees were considered the poor relation, but attitudes have now changed. What’s precipitated this sea change in thinking? There...

MGSM Advisory
MBA Blog / 20th July 2020

View From The Board: Macquarie University’s Advisory Board Discuss The Online MBA, Now And In The Future

Macquarie University’s Global MBA Advisory Board talk about why they got involved, how industry views the online MBA in 2020, and why good online MBAs are disrupting the marketplace and, in the process,...

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